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NOBEL GRID presented the final results in Valencia












On 25th of July, NOBEL GRID project -funded by the Horizon 2020 programme- presented the concluding results and next steps after project funding during its final event, which took place in an open session at the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE).

The event gathered speakers from different specialties like Júlia Company, General Director of IVACE, Joaquín P. Mas Belso , Head of the Department of Planning, Studies and Renewable Energies of IVACE, Pilar Gonzalez from CDTI, Kostas Komninos director of DAFNI Network, Antonio Marqués Director of Tecnology of ETRA I+D, Lola Alacreu, project manager of NOBEL GRID, and Antonio Ortín, Director General of ETRA I+D.

The project coordinators, ETRA I+D, presented to the whole audience the challenges of the Energy Transition in Europe and the role on NOBEL GRID on it. As well as, the main project results that have been achieved, with special focus to the SLAM, the advanced smart meter designed, developed and certified during the project.

“NOBEL GRID SLAM is a new generation smart meter for the European energy transition that provides advanced services for all the actors of the smart grid, putting the Consumer at the Center. The SLAM, which complies with European legislation of energy meters, has been designed, developed, and certified as part of NOBEL GRID project” added.

Beyond NOBEL GRID, Kostas Komnimos showed examples on how SLAM could be will be transferred into other initiatives and projects, especially in contributing on the Island’s Clean Energy Transition. As well, ETRA I+D presented to the audience the webpage http://smartermete.rs/, where novelties and exploitation results of the SLAM will be disseminated.



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