Business Model Evaluation Tool




The NOBEL GRID Business Model Evaluation tool is a “what-if” scenario tool for the techno-economic evaluation of innovative smart grid technologies. It is developed by the Services, Technologies, and Economics lab (STEcon) of the Athens University of Economics and Business, in the context of the NOBEL GRID project, funded by EU under H2020-646184 contract.

The NOBEL GRID Business Model Evaluation tool allows the user to model value networks of multiple roles/actors, aiming at:

  • Evaluating business models enabled by innovative smart grid technologies (e.g., those by H2020 EU-funded projects);
  • Evaluating the replication & upscaling of technologies, such as those empowered by H2020 EU-funded projects, and
  • Evaluating the Cost-Benefit of technologies, such as those empowered by H2020 EU-funded projects (but not limited to those).

This techno-economic evaluation is done by:

  • Comparing standard/existing against new innovative business models using several financial metrics based on data inputs supplied by the user (future versions will be integrated with smart grid simulation modules for reducing the inputs required);
  • Considering multiple roles organized into value networks in any context where multiple roles/business actors interact, including technology providers (thus not restricted to smart grid markets);
  • Supporting multiple locations simultaneously, such as pilot sites, regions or countries;
  • Considering the incentives of the roles when deciding how money flows within the value network (e.g., how revenues should be split, how services should be charged, etc);
  • Performing sensitivity analysis for cost items and revenue streams whose magnitude is not known a-priori;
  • Automating error-prone tasks;
  • Providing a fully-customizable, transparent and flexible tool based on Microsoft Excel (e.g., the user can see under the hood, add features and update formulas);download-153141_960_720
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