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NOBEL GRID: Case study of community-led innovation project in UK

GetImage‘Electricity Network Innovation Guide for Communities’ a new report from Energy Networks Association (ENA) and Regen featuring case studies and inspiration including H2020 NOBEL GRID project.

This guide is for communities and local energy stakeholders who are interested in electricity network innovation. It will help them learn more about how the energy system is changing, lessons from innovation trials, why projects, like NOBEL GRID are important, and how they can get involved.

This guide builds on “The Rough Guide to Engaging Communities in Energy Network Innovation” published in 2017. It follows on from the 2017 Energy Networks Association (ENA) events in London and Newcastle, delivered by Regen with all the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), and attended by 131 community and local energy stakeholders.

The document concentrates on innovation themes, including new content and case studies to help citizens participate in changing energy system.

Also it shows how some advanced community energy groups in the UK are working on innovation projects funded by Horizon 2020 to find new business models, and create resilient, empowered communities that generate, supply and use renewable energy locally.

In UK, Carbon Co-op has been installing batteries and trialling technology for smart grids as part of NOBEL GRID project, which has given them valuable data and helped them build their own capacity. The overall aim of the project is to develop smart grid solutions for community and publicly owned energy system actors.

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