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Let’s talk! Energy Talk of NOBEL GRID  


IMG_1054After 42 months of Horizon 2020 programme, the most remarkable tool developed by NOBEL GRID consortium, the Smart Advanced Meter (SLAM), will be presented during an Energy talk of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2018 on 6th June.

The SLAM will be presented through a real demonstration and a dynamic talk, which will stimulate interaction and discussion with the experts and the audience.

SLAM is an advanced smart meter, based on an unbundled concept, which includes two parts: the metrological and the intelligence. The SLAM provides benefits for all the smart grid actors, focusing mainly on the DSO, providing them information in real-time about the quality and security of the energy supply to monitor and control the network in a more efficient manner, and end-customers, giving them more protection and power, to manage their consumption and production and energy performance, facilitating demand response schemes. The SLAM is a certified commercial product, TRL 9, ready to be installed in any European country.

This Smart Meter has been presented in the European Utility Week 2017 (EUW) between 3-5 October in Amsterdam. This public presentation has created great expectation between visitors, even Alan Haigh -head of department in the Innovation & Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission (INEA)- showed his interest in its features.

As well, a first version of the SLAM was presented in Policy Conference “New Standard for Smart appliances in the smart home: getting buildings ready within the new electricity market design” at the European Sustainable Energy Week 2016.

This Energy Talk will give an opportunity to show the audience how a Horizon 2020 has developed smarter and cleaner energy solutions and how this knowledge could be transferred and replicate. Even it could inspire others in terms of smart metering.


Bringing something new to energy policy

Regarding  the European energy efficiency policy, buildings and Smart Homes should be a key component in the electricity energy system, using website platforms and apps, which allow monitoring energy consumption of different devices into the Smart home and providing the customers information about how much energy they are using in real-time, from anywhere, this will facilitate, demand-response mechanism, to reduce peak demand and enhanced flexibility in electricity distribution grids, providing substantial benefits to all stakeholders.

The SLAM will be able to map existing demand response features on the new European Smart Appliances REFerence (SAREF). This advanced smart is designed to implement many additional functions comparing with current smart meters, as it is very flexible in adding new features during its lifetime, including unforeseen ones.

NOBEL GRID deploys and evaluates a multi-access concept of all involved actors directly to the prosumer’s disaggregated Smart Meter, as enabler for the new electricity market. Besides, the demand response as an effective solution for the Smart Grid production-consumption equality equation: Production + Storage out = Consumption + Storage In

Moreover, NOBEL GRID has defined specific and attractive business models and exploitation plans in order to open new markets for advanced smart metering technologies and foster and promote European industries competitiveness. New Business models are being defined during the project to promote and facilitate local energy management and self-consumption.

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