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SLAM, SMX, G3M, DRFM and EMA App, the smart tools of NOBEL GRID

SLAM, SMX, G3M, DRFM cockpit and EMA App are the ICT solutions that will improve the European Smart Grids, thanks to the hard work of NOBEL GRID’s consortium during the second period of the Project. They may seem complicated acronyms but these smart energy tools will help all actor in the smart grids and retail electricity market. Let’s find them out.

From July 2017 until the end of the project, third and final period of the project, these ICT solutions will be deployed and demonstrated in the 5 pilot sites in real conditions and scenarios, in order to evaluate the technological, social and economic impact of the project results.

Grid Management and Maintenance Master framework (G3M) 

g3m-4The G3M is the access point for the operator of distribution grid to the set of functionalities and services offered by NOBEL GRID. G3M main component is the User web Interface that includes advanced functionalities for the management and exploitation of the Smart Grid. All the services are integrated in an single interface that allows it to monitor and control the distribution grid from different perspectives.

Demand Response Flexibility Market cockpit (DRFM

The DRFM cockpit is a proven platform that allows Aggregator, Retailer DRFM Cockpit 2and ESCO to manage all aspects of their demand response (DR) programs through a single, integrated system. DRFM Cockpit is a Decision Support System capable to bridge Demand-Side Resources and their aggregated flexibility with distribution grid actors to improve the operation of the processes and resources under their control.





Energy Monitoring and Analytics Application (EMA App) 

EMAApp1EMA App provides domestic and industrial prosumers with real time data visualization and recommendations to improve energy efficiency, maximize the use of renewables and minimize energy bills according to user’s profile, giving them more power and protection. EMA App also provides the option to share the experiences with other prosumers to foster user engagement and allows them to become an active actor in the smart grid by participating in DR programs, either to benefit for lower energy prices and/or to contribute to grid stability and higher penetration of renewable sources.

The Advanced Smart Meter (SLAM):  The Unbundled Smart Meter  

In NOBEL GRID has being developed from scratch, and innovative and affordable Smart Meter, based on the Unbundled Smart Meter (USM) concept, which contains two different parts: a Smart Metrology Meter (SMM), with metrology features and fixed functionality, and a Smart Meter eXtension (SMX), which has high flexibility to accommodate new functionalities, to support smart grid and various energy services.






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