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SLAM was presented in the Global Smart Energy Summit

file5On 7th March, the advanced features of the SLAM – the smart meter of NOBEL GRID- has been presented in the panel discussion “Development in smart grids” of the Global Smart Energy Summit in Dubai.

ETRA, NOBEL GRID partner, opened the panel discussion “Development in smart grids”, presenting how the Horizon 2020 is working to provide advanced tools and ICT services to all actors in the Smart Grid to ensure benefits from cheaper prices, more Secure and Stable Grids and Clean Electricity. The panel gathered experts in European energy policies, energy technologies and representatives of energy cooperatives.

Antonio Marques, Director of Technology of ETRA, moderated the keynote panel discussion and Lola Alacreu Garcia, Senior Project Manager of ETRA for NOBEL GRID, Dr. Mihai Paun, Vice President EUP Programmes & Projects Manager, Romanian Energy Center (CRE) and Jan Pecinovsky, Data Scientist of EnergieID participated as panellist from NOBEL GRID project.

Lola Alacreu focused on the advanced features of the SLAM that ETRA has designed, developed and certified. “This advanced smart meter provides benefits for all the smart grid actors, focusing mainly on the DSO, providing them information in real-time about the quality and security of the energy supply to monitor and control the network in a more efficient manner, and end-customers, giving them more protection and power, to manage their consumption and production and energy performance, facilitating demand response schemes”, explained.

Besides, she pointed out the maturity of the solutions developed by NOBEL GRID, in particular the SLAM which is being certified, following European regulations. So, it is a commercial product, to be used in any European facility.

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