Nobel Grid was presented in open session in Brussels in a side event of the Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW2015)

For the first time, Nobel Grid was presented to the public in an Open Session. It was in Brussels as a side event of the Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW2015). Lola Alacreu, from ETRA I+D and project manager of Nobel Grid, made the presentation.

Nobel Grid, financed by the program Horizon 2020, integrates all the actors of the electric market to promote the use of clean energies in a new business model for the electric sector. “Nobel Grid will transform existing grids which are for selling commodities to become a platform for providing energy services”, said Vladimiro Miranda member of the advisory board of Nobel Grid and director of the INESC Technology and Science of Portugal and professor of the University of Porto.

Special importance has in this matter the entrance of the prosumers into the energy market that will contribute on a decentralized and disparate energy production. It will bring a wide range of consumption choices and prices and it will make also easier possibilities such as switching suppliers, choose source of electricity of preference, as well as quality and type of service. This will be possible thanks to the introduction of open standard smart-metering which will allow introduction of software services such as app’s (like in mobile phones) to build on smart metering capabilities and offer specialized services.

This project opens, as well, new legal frames, when innovating to foster competitiveness for European industries, a very challenging area for the partners. It will open the market and break down existing monopolistic and oligopolistic behavior. Juan Manuel Revuelta, General Director of Finnova –one of the partners of the project- and also member of the International Advisory Group, stressed this point. “We need to focus on regulatory barriers and make proposals and strategies to overcome them, as well as establishing lobby advocacy”.

Nobel Grid’s results are tested in real conditions in five different electric cooperatives and non-profit demonstration sites in five EU member States. Lola Alacreu, Project Manager of Nobel Grid, from ETRA GROUP, which leads the consortium highlighted “the need to engage co-operative energy providers due to the growing democratization of energy  and the lack of incentives to reduce consumption”. 

The open session was a side event of the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2015). This European Commission initiative showcases activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. It is designed to spread best practices, inspire new ideas and build alliances to help meet the EU’s energy and climate goals.

Nobel Grid celebrated a workshop supported by DG Energy of the European Commission

• Experts from EU discussed on the Smart Grids strategy and the transformation from selling energy to offering services

•  The leader of the Smart Grids Team of the European Commission presented its vision on all the capabilities that Smart Grids are bringing

 Noble Grid celebrated a workshop  with the presence of Manuel Sánchez Jiménez, Leader of the Smart Grids Team of the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission. Sánchez Jiménez, prominent expert on the field, explained the EC strategy on Smart Grids during the NOBEL GRID General Meeting and Workshop celebrated in a three day event in Brussels from 8th to 10th of June. Members of the 21 partners of the consortium explained, developed and shared ideas about Nobel Grid, a project led by ETRA GROUP, based in Spain, whose goal is offering tools and creating a more efficient, more stable, more secure and cheaper Smart Grid.

Sánchez Jiménez declared that “the Smart Grids highlights are flexibility of services, integration of the electric vehicle and energy efficiency services at the end-user-level, which will play a key role through Smart Metering capabilities.”

Multiple experts on green energies participated actively on the Workshop together with the partners and many users followed it through HD live streaming.

After the workshop, the partners visited one of these sites, Ecopower, a renewable energy cooperative in Flanders (Belgium). Ecopower supplies 100% green electricity and promotes rational use of renewable energy and the cooperative business model in general. During this visit, RESCOOP, the Federation of Cooperatives for Renewable Energies in Europe, launched a very relevant fact onto the legal barriers of the Smart Grids, while Germany –the leading country in cooperatives for renewable energies- has 600 cooperatives, other European countries don’t have a single one.

EUSEW2015, shaping Europe's sustainable energy future

• The EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015 took place 15-19 June 2015 but Energy Days & Events were organised during the whole month of June. 

• EUSEW brought together public authorities, energy agencies, research organisations, NGOs, business and private consumers to share best practices and inspire ideas on secure, clean and efficient energy.

• Nobel Grid took part of this major event to foster clean energies in Europe

This year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week seeked to inspire consumers, public authorities and other stakeholders to join forces in shaping Europe's sustainable energy future. By gathering thousands of people and exchanging experiences in all fields, this platform fosters an open debate about the Energy Union and its three pillars: energy efficiency;  decarbonising the economy with a focus on renewables; research, innovation and competitiveness.

The EU Sustainable Energy Week helps building the energy community that is indispensable for shaping the Energy Union. This is to reply to the expectations of the EU citizens, who in large majority want to see a strong and united approach in energy.

The 10th edition of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) got into full swing with up to 70 challenging sessions in the high-level Policy Conference and more than 500 exhibits, Energy Days and side events, such as the Open Session that Nobel Grid celebrated the 8th, 9th and 10th of June,  attracting tens of thousands of visitors in Brussels and across the EU. Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Energy Union and Miguel Arias Cañete, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, joined experts from industry, government, civil society, energy stakeholders and the world’s media to exchange ideas and discuss the role of responsible consumers in the new Energy Union and the best solutions to help meet the EU’s long-term energy and climate goals.

First launched by the European Commission in 2006, EUSEW is organised with the support of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) and  helps promote the EU’s energy and climate goals, and serves as an important platform for the exchange of information and best practices among participating sustainable energy experts. The EUSEW presents the opportunity to discuss the EU’s sustainable energy agenda with stakeholders and the general public.



Lola Alacreu, Nobel Grid Project Manager

If you know Nobel Grid, you know Lola Alacreu, the project manager. She is a senior project manager working at ETRA I+D, the Spanish industrial group. She has a degree on Industrial Engineering of Universidad Politécnica of Valencia and worked in DIA S.A. and FORD. Alacreu has wide experience in coordination and management of RTD projects under the FP7 and H2020 programs.  Most of them, related to energy efficiency, ICT and mobility, in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups, both at a technical and economical level. 

A few of the projects were she has been involved are Smartfreight: "Smart Freight transport in urban areas"; TIMI: "Transporte inteligente de mercancías intermodal"; NOBEL: "Neighbourhood Oriented Brokerage Electricity and monitoring system"; SmartKYE: Smart grid KeY NEighbourhood Indicator cockpit or BESOS “Building Energy Decision Support Systems for Smart cities”.

Ecopower, the Belgian site of Nobel Grid

It is a cooperative founded in 1991 that finances projects on renewable energy: wind, solar, wood pellets,... Ecopower works together with other renewable energy cooperatives in Europe in the federation

Ecopower has around 50.000 cooperative members. They have full ownership for 100% of the renewable energy installations. The electricity produced with these installations is supplied to the cooperative members.

In almost every community in the region of Flanders, Ecopower has a small or bigger project with photovoltaic cells.

In 2014 Ecopower invests in a factory for wood pellets to be used for residential heating.

Ecopower has many wind turbines in Belgium: Eeklo (5), Ghent (2), Gistel (1), Tournai (2), Mesnil (1), Waimes (1) and Essen (1).

A wind project with 4 large wind turbines is being built in Asse and preparations are made for projects in Beersel (2 wind turbines), Bilzen (1 wind turbine), Ghent (1 wind turbine) and Sint-Truiden (3 wind turbines).

Shareholders can buy one or more shares at 250 euro each. One member cannot have more than 50 shares. Each shareholder receives one vote in the cooperative’s General Assembly, regardless of the number of shares owned.

As a legally recognised cooperative, Ecopower is required to limit shareholders’ profit to a maximum of 6%. This is not necessarily a limiting factor. On the contrary, it creates possibilities, as the financial surplus can be used to finance less profitable projects.



Commissioner Bulc visited Nobel Grid stand at the Metropolitan Solutions in Berlin

Commissioner Bulc visited Nobel Grid stand at the Metropolitan Solutions in Berlin

The European Commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, has being visiting the Nobel Grid stand  at the Metropolitan Solutions in Berlin. Nobel Grid is being presented by Etra, leader of the project represented by Antonio Marques, Technology Director and Juan Manuel Revuelta, Director of Finnova, partner of the consortium. Metropolitan Solutions is the main world exhibition on Smart and Green Cities …

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Nobel Grid was presented in Smart Grid Week in Vienna

Nobel Grid was presented in Smart Grid Week in Vienna

Nobel Grid was present in Austria at The Smart Grids Week, the meeting place for business, research and administration in the field of smart infrastructures. From 18-22 of May,international experts were together in Vienna to share the latest insights, look innovatively at the future and to initiate joint projects. The Austrian partner was there Paul Smith, Senior Scientist of the Nobel …

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement Nº 646184.



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