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The Clean Energy Transition shapes Distribution System Operators’ (DSOs) roles

EDSO wokshopEDSO for Smart Grids hosted yesterday in Brussels a workshop to debate about the growing roles that distribution system operators’ (DSOs) will play in the future since they are part of the Clean Energy Package of the European Commission.

The workshop “debating DSOs’ roles as part of the Clean Energy Package” gathered experts and panellist such as Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General of EDSO, Dominique Ristori, Director General of Energy (European Commission), Joachim Schneider, Vice-Chair EDSO, Anna Colucci, Head of Unit Retail Markets, European Commission, Torsten Knop, Vice Chairman Policy Committee, EDSO, James Watson CEO of Solar Power Europe or Franz Stempfl, Managing Director of Energienetze Steiermark.

Distribution networks are the backbone of the clean energy transition, which effects are shaping distribution system operators’ (DSOs) roles from simply maintaining and operating distribution networks towards actively managing and deploying smarter grids, as the organisers explained. In its Clean Energy for All Europeans proposals, the European Commission rightly acknowledges the growing roles that distribution networks and their operators will play in the future.

EDSO shares with the EU the idea to create a new entity for DSOs at the EU level, a more focused approach to the relation between DSOs and transmission system operators (TSOs) as well as the renewed focus on consumers.

“The real challenge is that consumers become prosumers […] and DSOs will be central actor to unite innovation and digitisation to place consumers at the centre of the energy system”, explained Dominique Ristori, Director General of Energy, European Commission.

Besides, Ristori pointed out that “the challenges for DSOs are extremely important, because they must to deal with different factors like flexibility, demand-response, and storage”.

Joachim Schneider, Vice-Chair of EDSO, presented the EDSO position paper on the “Clean Energy for all” as well as its key messages.

According to the paper, the new proposals should pave the way for DSOs to become more active system operators and neutral market facilitators, while continuing to ensure security and quality of supply. DSOs are enablers of new services and markets, including the development of energy data provision, flexibility, electro-mobility and prosumers.

Experts agreed that grid revolution is happening and “reshaping the energy market gives more opportunities to different actors to evolve”, expalined Anna Colucci, Head of Unit Retail Markets, European Commission.



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