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Making progress in the advanced tools and the ICT services of NOBEL GRID

img_7283bisNobel Grid Consortium met in the headquarters of ETRA I+D (Valencia), between the 25-26 October, to define some aspects of its advanced tools and ICT services.
Nobel Grid is working on the development,integration and real demonstration of new services to be provided to all the actors of the electricity distribution grid and market. This will include services for next generation distributed renewable energy integration and active demand response.
Three different applications will be developed for the different actors like the Grid Management and Maintenance Master Framework for DSOs (G3M Framework), the Energy Monitoring and Analysis App for domestic and industrial prosumers (EMA App) and the DR Flexible Market cockpit for aggregators, ESCOs and retailers (DRFM cockpit).
The Project is also working on innovative solutions to lower the cost of the development and deployment of smart metering systems. Thus it will address this action at three different levels: promoting and testing the concept of an Unbundled Smart Meter (USM), developing and testing a new Smart Low-cost Advanced Meter (SLAM) and interfacing with Smart Home Environments and Building Management Systems (BMS).
All these actions will be deployed and tested at large scale in five different sites in five EU members’ states (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom). Nobel Grid has selected them to maximise the EU-wide impact, and prioritising the trials with cooperatives and non-profit partners. The main advantage of this is the high level of investment these parties keep on grid innovation with regards to other electric profit companies, which guarantees their commitment for the rapid adoption of technologies benefitting their customers and society.



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