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First 2017 Gathering with BRIDGE Members

NOBEL GRID participated in the first 2017 gathering of BRIDGE initiative between 17th and 19th of January at the Directorate-General for Energy in Brussels, which had four fruitful Working Groups (WGs) meetings on Customer Engagement, Business Models, Regulations, Data Management and a Coordination Meeting.
18012017Bidgemeeting3Those meetings aimed to present the goals accomplished during the last year by all the members of each WG, as well as, define next steps.

Bridge is a cooperation group for all LCE Smart-Grid and Storage projects funded under Horizon 2020, and “thanks to Bridge, NOBEL GRID can share its knowledge, experience and best practices generated and to learn about the other H2020 similar projects in the context of smart grids and storage. But also it provides dissemination opportunities and direct contact with EU representatives”, explained Lola Alacreu, NOBEL GRID’s coordinator.

After the four parallel Working Group (WG) meetings between the 17th and 18th ,  the coordination meeting took place, only for Coordinators, chairs and rapporteurs. Lola Alacreu, attended as coordinator of NOBEL GRID and as chairwoman of Business models WG.

NOBEL GRID participated in all WGs by presenting the reports generated during the last months and contributed to define next steps.

The representatives of NOBEL GRID Project in the different BRIDGE WGs were Lola Alacreu (ETRA I+D) as chairwoman of business models WG and NOBEL GRID coordinator, Costas Kalogiros (Athens University of Economics and Business, AUEB) on business models analysis,  Ana Nava (FINNOVA) on customer engagement,   Aris Dimeas, (National Technical University of Athens) on regulation and  Mihai Sanduleac (EXENIR) on data management.

Regarding Customer Engagement, “Bridge intends to identify the main gaps affecting all consortia to strengthen the work in these areas. This way, the projects will be able to solve major issues and move towards more inclusive models of implementing smart grids and Storage solutions involving all the actors of the system, especially the final users”, clarified Ana Nava.

On other hand, Costas Kalogiros presented the methodology for identifying and evaluating the 18012017Bidgemeeting2business model for DSOs, Aggregators, Retailers and Prosumers and the preliminary evaluation results based on estimated cost and revenue data from NOBEL GRID industrial partners.

“The methodology and business model evaluation tool were welcomed by other participants to this WG and some of them provided feedback and/or decided to use these in their own projects”, said Costas Kalogiros.

In this context, the AUEB will use the Business Model evaluation tool prepared by other projects ,like TECHNOFI, in order to take advantage of the detailed approach for estimating revenues. And colleagues from TECHNOFI will rely on the fine-grained cost break down of the NOBEL GRID business model evaluation tool for better understanding the capital and operating expenditures involved.

“NOBEL GRID, as the rest of consortia, intend to share and analyse the best tools coming from their previous experience within the projects in order to address their specific needs”, stated Ana Nava.

Bridge, established in November 2015,  is composed of four Working Groups: Business Models, Consumer Engagement, Data Management and Regulation, and its coordination team consists of the chairs and rapporteurs of these four working groups. Since 2016 Bridge has grown from 17 projects, involving 242 individual organisations in 23 countries, to 29 projects involving 332 organisations in 29 countries (five outside of the EU). The total EC contribution to all projects is €237 million.

Bridge will share again knowledge, experience, best practices and speak to the European Commission with one voice on November 2017, when next meeting is scheduled.

Find out further visual information HERE thanks to Andreea STRACHINESCU, Head of Unit New Energy technologies & Innovation of  Directorate-General for Energy.



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